Thursday, June 21, 2007


If only for this post, I like this guy already.

I remember once, covering the Southeast Asian Games in Cebu, how Gretchen Malalad would glare at an opponent, her model-looks transforming into that of a hungry tiger eyeing a cornered prey, and punch her chest hard right where the Philippine flag was stitched on her uniform.

“Just to show my opponent what I’m doing this for,” Gretchen said when I spoke to her after the match, where she won for the country a gold medal in the karate competitions.

In that same event, Marna Pabillore also won the gold medal and then she took a Philippine flag attached to a pole thrice her height and run around the gymnasium, waving it.

Needless to say, a roar erupted in the coliseum. So loud, it shook the rafters.

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{illyria} said...

thanks for that. i'm not staunchly "filipino, but that was truly inspiring.

john said...

"...aaaaand we're back."

after long bouts with myself, pare.

Anonymous said...


i know medyo OT pero since kapuso ka, kilala mo ba tong star na 'to?

thanks! hehe! :D

~ gladys