Monday, December 17, 2007

Free JVC video cam

Not for you, sorry. It's me who got the free JVC video cam from the company Christmas raffle.

The versatile JVC GRD796 includes a powerful 34x optical zoom and convenient Dual Recording capability for shooting still images during video recording. A large 2.7-inch wide screen LCD monitor aids the recording process, especially when shooting in 16:9 wide mode. The GRD796 comes with two data batteries for twice the recording time.

34x Optical Zoom/800x Digital Zoom
MiniDV Format, 1/6-Inch 680k Pixel CCD
2.7-Inch Wide Clear LCD Monitor
USB Interface, DV Input/Output (IEEE 1394 Compliant), AV Input/Output, SD Memory Card Slot
16:9 Wide Mode (High Quality), Dual Recording Capability
Auto Illumination Light
Digital Still Function (640 x 480 Pixels), HG Digital Still (Progressive Shutter)
3-Dimension Noise Reduction (3D NR)
Color Viewfinder
Stick Control
Power-Linked Operation
Data Battery (x2)
Auto Macro, Auto Iris
F Stop: F2.0 - 4.7, Shutter Speed: 1/60 - 1/4000
Full Range AF/Manual Focus
Full Auto/Manual White Balance
Super High-Band Processor
Multi-Languages On-Screen Display (7 Languages)
Data Button
Power-Linked Operation
Program AE/Digital Effects
Scene Transition (Wipes/Fades)
Dimensions: 2.44" W x 3.75" H x 4.50" D
Weight: 0.91 lbs.

This is great! I'm so happy! There's only one catch: I just don't have any idea what to do with it

Friday, December 14, 2007

This will probably suck

Stop me if you've heard this before... Life was going smoothly in the kingdom of Ehb when one day, a marauding band of Krug -- animalistic brutes in thrall of... nevermind, just think "Urukhai" -- descends upon the countryside, killing everyone in their path. Wait -- they didn't kill everyone. For some reason, they kidnapped a woman -- the wife of a hardworking farmer, who is now hot on the Krug's tail, bent on revenge. In his journeys, he will be joined by various companions, including the King's Magus, Merick, who will help him in his quest to save the kingdom from evil.

Sounds familiar? It should be. In the Name of the King is the film version of Microsoft and Gas Powered Games' RPG, Dungeon Siege.

The film is packaged as 'epic' and the 'most anticipated game in January'. Maybe... but I'm not getting my hopes up. I don't know... maybe films like Eragon taught me a harsh lesson not to expect too much from post-LOTR fantasy flicks. Maybe it's also the actors -- they look... displaced. Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) now plays a magus, the relentless robo-babe from T3 is now an amazon (?), the lobotomized Krendel from Hannibal plays the black mage, and the transporter is now 'the Farmer'. Is it just me or is anyone else half-expecting a cell phone to ring in the middle of a swordfight?

A fantasy medieval movie starring Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, and Jason Statham. Who knows, maybe it will work. Stranger things have happened.

Devil May Cry

Cliched plot? Check. Over-the-top acting? Check. Repeating enemies? Check. Still fun? CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! and CHECK!

Devil May Cry is an unabashed action adventure lightly peppered with a few puzzles to solve. It's a crash-through-the window, get-your-guns-blazing action from the get-go, and it's all fun fun fun.

You play as Dante, a half-human, half-devil demon hunter. Initially unknown to Dante, he's a descendant of the legendary demon Sparda, who vanquished a hell Lord out to conquer the mortal realm more than 2000 years ago. As these stories go, the hell Lord awakens (of course), and it's up to Dante to stop him once and for all.

As plots go, Devil May Cry offers only a thin excuse for a story. There's a big bad out there, and you're out to prove that you're an ever badder ass. Even the voice acting is done in overly serious tongue in cheek fashion -- emphasizing that you shouldn't really take this game seriously. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a disadvantage or a shortcoming of the game. Devil May Cry just has better things to offer than plot twists and fancy storytelling. The game is about action -- and a lot of it.

As a descendant of a legendary demon, Dante has powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men. He heals from wounds that should have been fatal (is that my heart you got in your sword?), and has powers that are more than a match to hell's denizens. With Dante's rage unleashed, the devil himself may end up crying.

In the game, Dante will pick up a few guns and melee weapons. The choice isn't that varied, but each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dante's special attacks even depend on the melee weapon he's using. Use the Alastor and throw thunderbolts from the sky; don the Ifrit and burn your enemies to cinders.

Dante's twin handguns -- ebony and ivory -- may well be the most useful range weapon you'll have. The damage isn't overwhelming, but the guns give you an amazing 'hang time' when you rapid-fire while jumping. You can avoid the monster's devastating attacks and damage them at the same time simply by doing this 'hang time'.

The game challenges you not just with the monsters Dante will face -- although they become harder to kill as you progress, the monster types are actually repetitive and their attacks are formulaic -- instead, the game awards skilled gameplay. Dante's combos and attacks can be done only by tapping the proper keys at the appropriate time. It's not hard to do, but it's not mindless button mashing either.

It's a short game -- you could probably finish it in 12 hours or so -- and offers little replayability. But for those 12 hours or so, Devil May Cry let's you experience the joy of relentless demon ass kicking.

Gamespot Reviews

I like Gamespot. Whenever I think about buying a game, I head there first and read their reviews to know exactly what I'm getting. And since most of the office's productivity vanishes the closer we get to Christmas, I have a little time each day to head there and browse.

They have this feature where registered users can post their own reviews. No one really reads it because they have like 500 or so reviews per game, especially if it's a new release. But it's fun, and it's good practice, and I guess it's marginally better than just blindly stumbling because when I write, I'm actually producing something.

So I wrote some... and I plan to write more, since it doesn't take much time from me -- di naman pinag-iisipan talaga to eh. It's just fun.

So what's the point of this post?

I'm going to upload my reviews in my multiply, para din may permanent record on the blog. Yun lang. Announcement lang, so if you're interested, you can go there.

I've already uploaded a review of Company of Heroes and Neverwinter Nights 2.

Yun lang po. Bow.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The glory of 'peeling'

For most of us, the mind-numbing drudgery of our everyday jobs is as far removed from the promised glory of doing God's work as the east is from the west. The endless reports, the sales quotas, the unending presentations, the ever-looming deadlines... most often our hearts whisper if we are living a lesser life -- a life that does not ring true from the promised glories of being an heir to the eternal Kingdom.

Yet as I try to place myself on the shoes of the superstars of the faith and even of ordinary people on the bible, I do not see a continuous pillar of fire enlightening their way, but a sense of days upon days of ordinary everyday living punctuated only by sporadic (visible) contact with the Almighty.

To read the rest of the essay, click here or visit the Joy Student Fellowship site.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

RPG Dreams

I'm an RPG-kind of guy. Drop me off to a fictional world with black and white goals, give me freedom to fashion fantastic characters I will develop on my own, allow me to immerse these characters in magic and mayhem, and you'll make me a happy man.

The original Diablo game introduced me to the genre. It's sequel and its concurrent expansion set, Diablo II, remains as one of my all-time favorite hits. Microsoft's Dungeon Siege I was yawn-inducing; fortunately they improved on Dungeon Siege II. Neverwinter Nights I welcomed me into the more traditional class-level type of RPG. The sequel, Neverwinter Nights II, continued the joy and enabled easier access to prestige classes. I have also played a host of other RPG games I cannot recall now, and some hybrid para-RPG types such as StarCraft, Warcraft III, Dragon Shard, and Heroes of Might and Magic (1, 3, 4, 5).

Any gamer familiar with the titles I have mentioned would realize that as games go, these are already old. The current dry spell only whets my appetite. Admittedly, there are two critically-acclaimed RPGs I haven't played: the Elder Scrolls' Oblivion, and Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

Oblivion is supposed to be the pinnacle (so far) of the elder scrolls series -- all the goodies without the boring hour-long walking from town to town. The problem is that I can't play first-person games. Something in my equilibrium (my eye?) goes crazy when playing those games and I end up throwing up.

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG employing a persistent world based on the Warcraft series. It is currently the closest thing to an RPGamer's wet dream -- a whole world (well, now 2 worlds with the Burning Crusade expansion) to explore, guilds to join, monsters to kill, treasures to plunder, and characters to level up and up and up and up and up...

But even WoW isn't perfect for my taste. For one, it only allows one playable character to be controlled. I'd rather have control (with nominal AI assistance) of a whole party, especially since there are certain areas and quests only achievable by teams. Another thing is its lack of world-changing events. Players may feel that they keep going on mission after mission without a tangible effect on the Warcraft world, but with millions of subscribers, I guess it would be hard to have a player-malleable world.

Nevertheless, that is my current dream game. Give me an RPG where I could create my party at once (and not get me stuck on pre-selected allies); provide an unimaginably large world with various unique continents, characters, and monsters; make it persistent, yet affected by players' (or factions') actions; and provide an engaging plot that would keep the players playing for months.

And yeah, make it free too.

That's not too much, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ice capades

I have always dreamt of gliding on ice.

I've watched the movies. I've seen the skaters. They looked so graceful, so efficient, so... natural. With a shake of the shoulders, a simple bend of the knee, they're off! And they do magic on the ice.

"I could do that," I say. It feels so inherent to me... like I was made for that kind of speed, and grace, and beauty.

yeah right.

It was a fun-filled Saturday morning when we had to leave the car for its 20,000 km-check at Honda Pasig. With nothing to do, we decided to spend the morning trying something new -- ice skating!

I didn't know it was that hard! Watching those young kids zoom in and out of the ice fooled me into thinking I could do this thing. Balancing was tricky... but doable. It was the moving part that was frustrating. How do skaters get that initial burst of speed? If it weren't for the handle bars at the side of the rink, I wouldn't have been able to move in the first place.

Leah did better. Slowly but meticulously remembering instructions of her friends when she first went skating, she was soon moving around the rink. She stayed near the handle bars, yes -- but she was moving on her own.

There were a lot of laughs, a bunch of frantic squabble to hold the handle bars, sweat (yes, i told you it was hard!!!), and silent satisfaction when we were both able to go around the rink, but there was envy too. I wish we could go as fast as the other kids. They were having a lot of fun -- we were still working for it.

I guess we could do better next time. The ice is always there, and not dropping on our asses even once should encourage us to try again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Movie Review: Enchanted

Enchanted is a comedy-fantasy-musical film by Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the story of Giselle, an animated maiden who falls in love with a handsome prince with puffy sleeves and plans to get married the next day. Happily ever after was supposed to follow, until the wicked step mother of the prince (of course, there is one -- what did you expect?) shoved Giselle into a magical well. This is basically the condensed version of every Disney classic, and the film propels from here.

The queen planned to send Giselle to 'a land where no happily ever after exists' -- so she promptly arrives on 21st century New York City. She emerged from a manhole near Times Square -- and immediately almost gets squished by oncoming traffic.

If watching Enchanted reminds you of earlier Disney classics, don't be surprised -- that's fully intentional. Most of the movie's props, dialog, music, action, and
references are in tribute to earlier Disney hits. While spoofs of Disney's formula movies have been in vogue for quite some time now (Ella Enchanted/Shrek), Enchanted's approach is to keep things light that will make you laugh with the movie instead of at it. The jokes rarely miss, and we are left with a refreshing and funny tale.

You have to check logic and the need for suspense at the door -- Enchanted makes no excuses for itself, and that is the wellspring of its enjoyability. There is no question to whom the lady ends up, and everyone who read fairy tales while growing up knows what will happen on the succeeding scenes. Enchanted embraces the whole genre with open arms -- complete with impromptu musicals, the all-important ball near the end, animal friends, witches, charming princes, and princesses we all love.

At the same time, Disney pokes fun at the stereotypes that has been its cash cow for the longest time. The musical number with 'animal friends' (translated into Manhattan, the local fauna means cockroaches, rats, flies, bugs, and pigeons) is both funny and disgusting (even the lyrics included words like 'scum' and 'filth'); Prince Charming is a self-centered, dim-witted 'hero' -- eager to slay trolls and dragons for his love, but will run away from an irate woman bus driver; the lady's true love turns out to be this reluctant romantic who has a hard time accepting the possibility of happiness because he's too fearful of the possibility of pain. More importantly, while other kiddie movies tend to sugarcoat reality and foster faulty expectations, Enchanted "
maintains a delicate balance between wish-fulfillment fantasy and a recognition that the world inhabited by its audience is filled with disappointment as well as with joy."

The two things most enjoyable in this movie are the music and the acting. Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz weaves magic into the movie with their tunes.
That's How You Know is a delight to watch -- an infectious smile spread like an epidemic at the cinema while this was playing. A personal favorite is So Close -- the longing expressed in that song stays in the heart.

The real gem is the acting of the stars in this film. Susan Sarandon -- like all evil stepmothers are wont to do -- steals the scene from the main characters. James Marsden plays the self-centered Prince Charming perfectly... down to the puffed up sleeves and shiny sword. Amy Adams is the amalgam of every Disney princess. Naive, strong, innocent, pure, and loving, she plays Giselle with full abandon that she's the one who enables the audience to jump from the 2D classic cartoon into real life. I suspect Enchanted would be
the movie to Adams as The Sound of Music was to Julie Andrews. Patrick Dempsey's (Robert) performance seems subdued and underplayed... but maybe that's deliberate because he's the one from the 'mundane' real world.

In terms of message, this is where the movie stumbles. Enchanted basically says that happiness can only be found in the person you love (even Giselle's animated form was concerned only with finding her 'true love'). From a man who plans to raise a kid or two of his own one day, I take serious issues with this. Our notions of 'love' have been corrupted enough by all that Hollywood crap that we don't even know its true form (for a guide, read the bible, or even C.S. Lewis' essays). Love isn't the i-can't-help-it, head-over-heels, this-is-beyond-me lie that Hollywood perpetuates. But I guess that's the one that helps fuel capitalism.

Even disregarding my disgust to Hollywood's definition of love, the movie stumbles over its own thesis. By presenting a maiden straight out of the fairy tale pop-up books and pairing her with a disillusioned, hardcore Manhattan lawyer (a 'shark'), Enchanted has a rare opportunity to present a unique picture of true/real love. But in the end, the film fails to do this. Giselle champions commitment, yet throws it out the window. Robert emphasizes the importance of getting to know your partner, yet contradicts himself by choosing Giselle over his girlfriend of five years. It was as if the writers of the movie teased us into believing they will offer something new and insightful, and real (what's the point of traveling to real-life New York, after all?) with all the hopes and dreams that power fairy tales, but ends up too timidly to challenge the tried and tested formula of Disney's earlier films.

In the end, Enchanted is much like Julia Roberts'
Pretty Woman. If analyzed under the feminist perspective, that movie bombs -- everyone should hate it. But the truth is, feminism notwithstanding, I enjoyed watching that film too. I give Enchanted the same allowances. I'll just have to keep my critical analysis under wraps -- after all, whoever said I can find answers to life's questions inside a fairy tale? -- and just enjoy the show.

* Disney owns the images used in this review

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


According to this, I am able to write with 10 fingers:

You reached 321 points, so you achieved position 9265 on the ranking list

You type 421 characters per minute
You have 79 correct words and
you have 1 wrong words

421 characters... is that fast?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tomorrow we dream anew

Name the clouds, take note of each blade of grass. There was much joy in the day, and tomorrow we dream anew.

Friday, November 23, 2007

One More Chance

Reviewing (and watching) Star Cinema's One More Chance is an emotional roller coaster... mainly because the story is a little too familiar to my own. As Popoy's (John Lloyd Cruz) killer line said:

"She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best. Pero binalewala mo lahat yon."

I had no intention of watching this film (I thought it was a typical teenybopper movie) before I heard that those lines were in the film. When Leah, John, and I watched it, we couldn't help but give our undivided attention to what we were seeing. Leah was crying uncontrollably -- identifying fully with Basha (Bea Alonzo), my heart was thumping vigorously as I continuously screamed at Popoy, and John was wide-eyed and biting his shirt... probably due to the sight of Bea Alonzo, Nikki Gil, Maja Salvador... and Popoy's pathetic (lovestruck) antics.

Was the movie really
that good? Not really. But virtually having one's love story immortalized in film tends to soften one's heart... but also to wish more from it. The movie was funny (at times), and moving (maybe because it's familiar?), and more than what I expected. On the other hand, they had such a rich and promising material... but the film makers weren't able to fully mine that lodestone. It was also frustrating how underdeveloped were the motivations of the characters. We barely even got a glimpse of Trisha (Maja Salvador) -- she was a critical part of the conflict in the story, and would have made the story so much richer if we knew her more.

For some reason, the movie was also made to have some surprising sex scenes. I said 'surprising' because they could have done without those scenes and replace them with other scenes that could have made us root for the characters more. It was as if the script writers got lazy doing their job and just put in those sex scenes just to establish that they 'love' each other.

Despite the frustrations, One More Chance is one of the better Filipino movies that I've seen. It's a story that says that even finding the one that you want to grow old with doesn't assure an automatic happily ever after. Sometimes we have to go through the bitterest of journeys so we know how sweet it is to come home. But hey, it feels like an autobiography to me, so maybe you shouldn't take my word for it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

"In brightest day, in blackest night..."

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Hal Jordan! Cool! One of the tragic stories in the DC Universe. But I wonder why I wasn't Batman?.... probably because of my un-traumatized childhood.

Two new reviews

I have been fortunate enough to watch several movies these past few weeks. The latest I've seen are Beowulf:

While there is significant diversion from the original Old English story, the movie was still able to retain certain flavors from the Nordic tale. This is good, considering that a lot of stories have been influenced by Beowulf.

The real joy I found in the movie, though, is its strong evangelistic themes. The original tale already had many Christian elements (Grendel and his mother have been traditionally analyzed as descendants of Cain in Genesis). But the animated movie's plot is even more obvious -- it is the tale of every man and his utter inability to stand against sin.

and Lust, Caution:

Prior to watching the film, I have heard such vociferous quips from various people describing the film as "sooooooooooooooobrang gandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." And once again, the world knocks me over the head for listening to the babblings of others without doing a little digging of my own.

This is not to say that the film was bad throughout. The cinematography is an automatic thumbs up for me -- anything that I can see in sepia or monochrome elicits affection in my heart. The editing did its job -- smoothing the flow of the plot enough that you hardly notice it. The acting was another good thing going for the movie -- even with the usually effective Tony Leung on the screen, newcomer Tang Wei held her own, and shone in her own luminescence.

To read the rest of the reviews, click here for Beowulf, and here for Lust, Caution. Or you could go to our multiply site by clicking here.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Our worth in gold

Planning to get married takes financial concerns to a whole new level. While I grew up in a lower-C class family, I have managed not to center my focus and energies on the endless pursuit of money. Forming a new family, however, brings these questions to fore.

To read the rest of the entry, click here or visit my multiply site.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rizal Retreat

We've been crazy-ass busy the days before, but (fortunately) we were able to join the JSF retreat at the Rizal Re-Creation Center last November 3 and 4.

My cousin Jolo was unable to join us so it was just Leah and me who took the long drive to Rizal. No breakfast? No worries with a whole Yellow Cab New York's Finest pizza to share just between the two of us!

What's the first thing we did when we got to the site? Eat again! Who'd want to waste that all-buffet lunch they prepared anyway?

Then came the team-building activities. John and Leah initiated a 'getting-to-know-you' activity for the new and old church members. It was fun, albeit confusing -- especially with Maeng 'Charity/Chabelita' Estropia befuddling all the non-oldies people with his... err... less-than-truthful embellishments.

Then came the group activities. A few days before, without rhyme or reason, I (Moks) unexpectedly volunteered to facilitate the team-building activities we need. Whatever happened to the anti-social, dark and brooding me?

The first challenge was to fit the group (around 35 people)to a steadily-decreasing number of hoola-hoops. Initially, they just laughed off the trip-to-jerusalem like activity. But with fewer and fewer hoops, pretty soon things got serious!

Then there's six legs and a funeral -- how do you get an 8-person group across an entire field with only three sets of feet touching the ground? After a half-hour of sweat and toil, what was the lesson that the group learned? NEVER GET MOKS AS CAMP DIRECTOR!!

Next came blind man shooting. An activity about leadership, the challenge to the groups was to get a ping-pong ball rolling on a tray across the field and shoot it to a basket... blindfolded!

Last was a cerebral game -- an expanded tic-tac-toe. In the end, can't we all win?

Even though the challenges were hard. Everyone had a great time. But I think the group laughed the most while they were planning revenge on me...

Had a late night talk with Abe and Timmy about time management and the differing perspectives of the nobyo versus the nobya. That was fun too.

The next morning was sweet -- church time plus some time for pictures. Here's a sample of what we did:

There it is! Although the retreat was a blast, we had to go straight to Leah's office afterward to work.

Lord, thank you for the break. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have fellowship with our churchmates and with each other. Thank you for entrusting us to share the lessons you've taught us. Bless this family we're building, O God.

Monday, October 22, 2007

What's my theological worldview

Saw this in Kuya Mhac's site, and of course, I tried it for myself:

What's your theological worldview?
created with
You scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan

You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God's grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavly by John Wesley and the Methodists.

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


Neo orthodox




Classical Liberal


Reformed Evangelical






Roman Catholic


Modern Liberal


I'm methodist-influenced? Never saw that one coming :p Who needs labels anyway? :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sugar rush

It's only four months, six days, and two hours (I looked at the countdown timer on our wedding blog), before the big day, so let me share this with you: (If it matters, John, this is the same dessert buffet that your uber-crush Claudine had on her wedding)

Here's what's included in this dessert bar:
Vanilla Mousse
Chocolate Mousse
Mango Panacotta
Creme Brulee'
Fruit Salad
Coffee Jelly
Buco Pandan
Leche Flan
Fresh Fruits
Chocolate Fountain (with various dips)

Sugar overload tayo, sabay talon sa lake (I'm getting married on a dock!)


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

checking in, whistling out

I was trying to write a post about me, my dad, and my lolo. Here's what I have so far:

Self-made man

“A self-made man” is usually a complement every male would want to be bestowed on him. It speaks of strength and of independence –- common virtues attributed to a MAN. If the main question a man asks in his life is “am I enough?,” being a self-made man answers that with a resounding yes, and more.

By any indication, I have surpassed my father (and his father before him) on academic achievement. Both of them were unable to finish college, while I passed mine with honors. With how the world judges one’s worth, on some aspects I have reached heights and garnered achievements that have proven beyond my father and my grandfather.

But as I look at them, I know -- I’d be lucky if I’d grow to be half the man they are.

That's it. That's all I have for now. In my head it's beautiful -- I just hope I could translate it on paper. Every father is a hero to his kid, they say, and in here I'm going to tell why my tatay and my lolo are my real heroes. Let me work on it some more. Hopefully, my lolo will still get to read it once it's ready.

I'm also working on what I'm going to share this Sunday. A year ago I spoke about women -- the question that defines their lives, and their biblical role. Now, I'll take a stab at men, and to be frank, I'm kind of afraid. Because once I talk about men and their brokenness, I will expose how short I fall from who I should be. But facing the truth is the start of redemption, right? I just hope that I could adequately point to the One who bestows true masculinity and help men in my church in the process.

I'm also reconnecting with friends, and that's always a good thing. John and I have a date later doing what we enjoy -- talking while dota-ing; and in the weekend I'm meeting my high school friends and strengthening the ties that bind us. In a twist I never saw coming, I am more open now to actually meeting people and talking to them than just putting my thoughts in paper. Is this growth?

Leah and I checked our wedding expenses and compared them with our incoming monies and -- well, let's just say we're going to get through it with just a shadow of a buffer. I'm not actually worried about it -- The Lord takes care of His children and I am at peace with that. But I'm also willing to do my part. So if you have some rakets you can throw my way, I'd be glad to take on the extra work. Don't worry, if I can't handle it, or if I'm too busy with other stuff, I'll tell you right away. The last thing I would want is to shortchange the people trying to help me.

That's not what a godly man would do, innit?

And that's what this week is all about.

Monday, September 17, 2007

magic everywhere

Twenty eight years and six days ago, you were born into the world.

Now i have my partner. I watch your back and I know you have mine.

Happy, birthday, leah :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

emo snapshots

The nature of this activity is to remember how it felt when it happened. Maybe it's no longer true -- maybe you found out later on it was all hormones. Nonetheless, at that moment, nothing else mattered.

So these are snapshots of my more emotional moments, in chronological order. Crucify Ailene for bringing this on (she, in turn, blames Ida).

ONE. I was seven, or maybe six, it was night and you took me to the basketball court to watch the neighborhood pa-liga. The court lights were on like on the movies you watch, and lots of people were cheering and laughing, excited about the game. You bought me cotton candy and popcorn, and told me stories of how great your running jumpshot was when you were still young. You were my hero.

The game started and the action was furious. Even at that age I could tell you were happy at where we were. But a child's attention is fickle, and pretty soon I was ignoring the game and running on the sidelines, playing with my imaginary friends. At one point I suddenly looked at you, and you were ignoring the basketball game like I was. Instead, you were looking at me and I saw how pleased you were with me, for reasons I do not know. When the game ended, we shared a footlong sandwich from Smokey's and you promised me you'll buy me the wrap-around dog next time. You carried me -- your little boy -- up to your shoulders all the way home. I was on top of the world.

TWO. I woke up at dawn, to a pale pink sky. We slept on your roof, and the mourners at your tita's wake were all gone. You and your friends were still asleep and that's fine -- the cold breeze rolling on the fields across your house was companion enough. I looked, and there you were; my fingers couldn't stop themselves from playing with your hair. Your friend woke up and wanted to (laughingly) throw me off the roof after seeing how I was looking at you. It didn't matter --
for the first time in my life I knew I could find what I was searching for.

THREE. You looked from me from across the room, and I knew we were both thinking of the same thing. You're late by 14 days, and we were both too proud to show that we were scared. I left our class and stood outside, gazing at the morning sky. Every bit of my being wanted to run -- away from everything, but I knew I would never do that to you, or to anyone. I just wish we could graduate from highschool.

FOUR. The Pantranco-bound jeep was taking forever to come, but it was midnight, and none of us minded the delay. I was standing beside you; and you, humming quietly in the dark. I pulled your shoulder closer, inadvertently placing your head on my chest. The move, of course, silenced us both; and the night dared us to ask the questions we dare not face. Pretty soon, I said to myself, I have to come out clean. I can't keep saying I'm just a friend when I'm holding you like this.

FIVE. I stopped and sat on concrete, on one of the buildings along Gil Puyat Avenue. It was around 2 in the morning, and I was blinded by tears on the long walk from Sheraton Hotel to Boni. Two drunken men walked past; a few minutes later, a gang of seven youths. Both groups left me unmolested -- even they could see I had nothing left to lose.

SIX. I ran -- because it was the only thing I could do. Strangers that we still were, I had no idea our bodies would meld so well. How each piece fit, how a simple hug can remind me of things I thought I already lost. I ran -- because otherwise I would never have let go.

SEVEN. You were busy staring at the ring, and oblivious to my observation. A few minutes ago, I read you the cheesiest of poems, and talked about things we already knew. Your eyes reflected a joy I vowed to remember; and I knew, at that instant, amidst all expectations, that I did good.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

because i haven't talked in a while

Ailene's been on this survey fix lately -- eh gaya gaya ako. And because I haven't talked here for quite some time. Who would have known I would miss you guys? ;-p

"Eh Kung pang Star Cinema lang ang buhay mo?"

50: Mountain Dew or Mello Yello? Mountain Dew. every time.

49: Sino mas maganda: Ashley Judd or Kate Beckinsale? Beckinsale, pare. Nakakahiya mang aminin pero naiyak ako sa Click nung matanda na sila at nagsasayaw sila nung kanta ng Cranberries. Sobrang ganda nya, hindi ako gumawa ng review bashing the movie Vacancy. Wag na lang nating pag-usapan, mabuburyong ka lang.

48: Which is faster: Subaru WRX or Mistubishi Evo Lancer IV? I have no idea. Mitsubishi Evo siguro. Antulin non sa NFS Most Wanted eh.

47: Who will win a fight between Captain Planet & San Goku? San Goku. syempre. Captain Planet is a wuss.

46: Where do you wanna be right now? Beach, actually. The rhythmic sound of the waves crashing on the shore... hypnotic.

45: Who are you closer to: mom or dad? Hmm... pareho lang ata.

44: Who is prettier: Cristy Fermin or Eagle? or.

43: Colt 45 or Red Horse? Di ko pa natikman kahit ano dito. hiluhin ako eh :p

42: Evanescence or Lacuna Coil? Di ko kilala Lacuna Coil kaya Evanescence na lang.

41: Metallica or Frank Sinatra? Frank Sinatra. Gusto ko sepia ako eh.

40: Linkin Park or Rick Astley? Again, di ko kilala si Rick Astley. Tsaka pag nagdo-dota ka sa internet shops pag madaling araw astig ang Linkin Park.

39: Who will win - Godzilla vs.King Kong? Di ba kayang magbuga ng apoy ni Godzilla?

38: Zsa-zsa Padilla or Kuh? Zaturnnah! (di ko napanood, actually. loser talaga.)

37: Cooler villain: Mr. Smith from Matrix or Deacon Frost from Blade? Smith. of the Mr. & Mrs movie. Biruin mong binugbog na sya ni Angelina tapos sex pa sila? San ka pa.

36: What if they Deacon Frost & Mr. Smith fought each other? Mr. Smith pa din. Deacon Frost wasn't that scary.

35: Deacon Frost vs. Captain Planet? Sige na nga, Deacon Frost. Bading si Captain Planet eh.

34: Shaider vs. Batman? Batman! Walang tatalo. Maski si Green Lantern ilag kay Batman eh.

33: Who would you rather be shipwrecked in an island with: A hot partner or Macguyver? a hot partner. deserted island and a hot partner -- ano pang hahanapin mo?

32: If Aliens attacked the Carebears, who will win? Carebears. stare pa lang talo ka na.

31: Is Nora Daza a better cook than your mom? No.

30: Is Joey De Leon funnier than your dad? Hell no.

29. Who is funnier? Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey? Mas gusto ko sila pag medyo drama.

28. Can Jason Bourne defeat Chuck Norris? Naku, condolence sa pamilya ng gumawa ng survey na 'to. Chuck Norris is out to get him for asking this question!

27: If a ninja fought a viking who would win? Ninja. May loser-mentality ang viking eh. They know that in the end, they will lose.

26: If you cross a Doberman with a Labrador, would you call it a Dobrador or a Laberman? I'll call it Poochy. Para akala ng mga kapitbahay maliit lang yung aso. Pag nagnakaw sila patay sila.

25: When was the last time you ate hot pandesal? It’s been too long. (tama ka, Ailene)

24. What if Jet Li fought a Grizzly Bear? Will his kung-fu be useful? Yep. Jet Li can fly. No special effects.

23. What if Jet Li fought your boss? Patay sya, di sya marunong mag-ingles eh.

22. What if Jet Li fought all the Liliputs in Gulliver’s Travel’s? Anuba. Da One nga si Jet Li eh.

21: Who is richer? Lucio Tan or Gokongwei? Lucio Tan. 3M per columnist para lang mapaganda image nya. wala pa din.

20: If your life is made into a Hollywood film. Who would you like to portray you? Yung nasa Mac Ads, yung tinulungan ni John McClane.

19: Eh kung pang Star Cinema lang ang pelikula ng buhay mo, sino ang gusto mong gumanap bilang “ikaw?” Jericho Rosales. Para nahahalikan ko si Heart. Saka sabi ni Angelica Panganiban sya daw ang best showbiz kiss nya eh. Para may pagkaka-pareho naman kami :p (naks!)

18: If Wolverine fought Edward Scissorhands, who will win? Wolverine. Don't mess with James.

17: If you were walking alone then suddenly a Lion came out from across the street looking at you, what would you do? Sayaw kaming Hakuna Matata.

16: Mas masarap ba ang isaw kaysa sa chicharon bulaklak? Mas gusto ko balun-balunan.

15: If 15 T-rexes attacked Godzilla, would he survive? Ano ba nakatalo kay Godzilla?

14: If 15 T-rexes attacked Chuck Norris, would he survive? Why do you think the dinosaurs became extinct in the first place?

13: If Jollibee fought Pong Pagong in an MTV celebrity deathmatch, who would you root for? Pong. Mukhang sabog to eh.

12: Kapag nagsapakan si Teofisto Guingona at si Gus Abelgas? Sino mananalo? Guingona din sa tingin ko.

11: Would you prefer fish fried or grilled? Grilled.

10: Who looks hotter… Heidi Klum or Cristy Fermin? Heidi Klum. yum.

9: Even if Heidi Klum only had 1 leg? How's that a disadvantage?

8: Even if Heidi Klum has bad breath? one word: gag.

7: Even if Heidi Klum had leprosy? Nagagamot nga yun. And while maysakit pa sya i'll be kind to her para mas gustuhin nya ko.

6: Okay, okay is Big Bird a boy or a girl? I don't care. I hate Sesame Street.

5: Sinigang na baboy or kare-kare? Sinigang. omaygads.

4: Kahit na double dead ang baboy sa sinigang? e di ako kumakain ng kare-kare eh.

3: Do you think you can outrun an angry bull elephant? oo.

2: Which pizza has more grease: Yellow Cab’s or Pizza Hut’s? Yellow Cab

1: Which tastes better: Minute Burger burgers or Burger Machine burgers? Burger Machine mehn. Kumakain ka ba nito? Bakit kailangan pang tanungin?

UP ako. Ikaw?

98-****3 (masama ba kung sabihin talaga? bakit di-dinisclose ni ailene?)

Journalism sa Diliman.

Journalism. Baguio

Journalism. Diliman.


uh. i actually don't know.

Nope. At taga-Bulacan ako ha.

8. NAKA 4 KA BA?

pinakamababa ko 2.25 ata eh. Math 1. hehe.

Oo. sayang pamasahe eh. Wala na nga akong pera magbubulakbol pa -- napakalaking katangahan naman non diba?

College Scholar. Minsan ata University Scholar din. A saka PDI scholar nga din pala ako.

tapos na 'pre.


may mga subjects lang na fun. ay si Rolando Tolentino pala enjoy na teacher. Danny Arao. Rachel Kahn. Yung teacher ko din ng Hum 1 magaling. Si Dean Teodoro di ko naging teacher pero ininterview ko sya for thesis. antalino. lahat ng analysis ata ng thesis ko galing sa kanya.

May mga teacher na di pumapasok eh. bad trip.

Film Genres. Film 101. Philosophy of Religion. Sociology. Humanities 1 (astig to). Fiction writing.

yung subject about rizal. di kasi pumapasok yung prof eh.

ChristMass tambayan.

Thai Canteen. pinaka-miss ko to sa UP. haaaaaaaaaaaay.

Di ko na tanda pare, sorry.

Hindi. Di lang ako nawawalan ng librong dala. puro fiction.

nung nasapak ako ng lasing.

Dami syempre.

Swimming, Judo, Arnis, Table Tennis

Naging close sila, ako di masyado. May sarili talaga akong mundo eh.

May hymn kami?

Nope. Sayang nga eh. Ganda daw ng jacket.

Pag essay type lang.

Hindi. High school yan, syempre.

Oo. hehe. bwiset.

The Weirdest Survey. Ever.

01: Ano ang problema mo?
Too many games. So little time.

02: Bakit sadyang may mga taong tanga?

03: Ano ang masasabi mo sa mga taong mahilig manloko?
R E P E N T ! !

04: Sa paanong paraan magiging masaya ang isang tulad mo?
kapag may superpowers nako. Actually, may kumplikadong mythos na sa utak ko about it.

05: Kung luluha ka uli, ano o sino ang magiging dahilan nito?
Pag lumabas na ang Diablo 3.

06: Sino ang taong nagpapasaya sayo ngayon?
Si leah. Si ikay. Ako.

07: Bakit hindi sagot ang pagpapakamatay sa mga problemang dumarating sa ating buhay?
walang challenge eh.

08: Kaya mo bang magpakamatay para sa pagibig?
Kung nung dark and brooding ako hindi, ngayon pa?

09: Ano ang mga pangarap mo sa buhay?
Yung powers ko nga. Mag story-travel (like time travel, but across stories)

10: Kung may tao kang gustong patayin, sino ito?
Sa ngayon, wala. Mga child abusers siguro.

11: Bakit naman?
Bata yun eh!

12: Matapang ka ba?
Di naman. Pag kailangan lang.

13: Ano ang pinakamalaking kasalanang nagawa mo sa taon na ito?

14: Madali ka bang magsawa?
Hindi. Pag gusto ko, gusto ko na talaga.

15: Ano ang masasabi mo sa mga taong martyr?

16: Seryoso ka bang tao?
Dati, di na ngayon. Sayang oras eh.

17: ‘Pag namatay ka ngayong oras na ito, marami kayang tao ang iiyak?
Oh yeah. In the words of one ex, "pag nanggaling sa'yo, wala nang hahanapin pa."

18: Masakit ka bang magsalita pag galit ka?
Hindi. Kinukurot ko na lang. bruha.

19: Pikon ka ba?
Oo. Siguro. Di ko masyadong iniintindi eh.

20: Huling bilin?
Live. Grow Stronger. Fight another Day.

Yan na muna. Actually, I have a lot of stories to tell. Leah's ring. That essay I mean to write about the David men. How Marian Rivera won me over 5 seconds into her dance at the Marimar Press launch. Die Hard 4.0. The sea. Dying young. drooling over PSP. The twin swords Diem and Noctem. Less than 200 days before the wedding. Andami.

Maybe when I have the time. Pero mas malamang gagawa din ako nung Emo Verbal Snapshots. Sabi sa inyo gaya-gaya ako eh :p

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

lean sa mamamayan

The girlfriend, thinking it was a play which bore the same name, was able to secure tickets for last night's Lean: Gabi ng Pag-alala at the PETA theater. I just came from a lecture of PR Guru Max Edralin at the Hotel Intercon in Makati which spanned hours, and was antsy to rush to my father who will have a kidney operation on the next day -- going to a play I've never heard before was, understandably, the last on my priorities.

But the girlfriend was excited to go and I didn't have the heart to turn away from a thing I unmindfully said yes to a couple of days ago. So amid the unexpected heavy rains and EDSA traffic, I deftly maneuvered Kewl (the car) from Makati to PETA in hopes of making it before the first act.

We need not have worried. What we thought of as a play turned out to be a gathering to remember the 20th death anniversary of Lean Alejandro -- student activitst, militant, leader, hero. He lived a short life -- he was 27 when he was assassinated -- but he touched so many lives, influenced thousands of minds, and dedicated his life to a cause that even two decades after his death, people still come from all corners of the globe, from all walks of life, to remember him.

It turned out to be a pleasant gathering. Old grizzled warriors, their hearts and minds as sharp as when they were in the forefront of battle, greeted each other with warmth, camaraderie, a few tears quickly brushed off, and yes, perhaps even love.

The girlfriend and I were obviously outsiders to this group -- everyone knew everybody else. Catching snatches of conversations while I went around the room pawing those tasty popped beans, I was witness to old ties remade, of friendships remembered, of struggles shared.

Reading some of the write ups accompanying the many pictures of Lean plastered on the walls, and hearing that beautiful piece read by a friend of Lean (the girlfriend says she's a famous journalist), I was faced with a fact I knew before but managed to forget: Behind the images of violence and incessant shouts of "ibagsak ang US-insertyourphilpresidenthere imperyalismo", these people are one of the most passionate you could ever meet. They laugh, they cry, they fight, they love as if the next minute they could die -- because that was the truth of the lives they led.

We went home shortly after Cookie Chua and Noel Cabangon sang Lean (from the play). On the way home, however, I couldn't help but wonder just how different I am compared to Lean and other leftist freedom fighters.

We both see something beyond the reality of the lives we live in, and aspire to reach that vision. We both believe with all our hearts, but even more, we question and test to evaluate the validity of our beliefs. We try to teach others to see this vision, this truth that is so evident to us.

He died for his beliefs. I'm struggling to live for the God whom I serve.

This sense of brotherhood aside, I left the gathering both impressed and prayerful about the people we saw there. They have dedicated their lives to an ideal, and lived every moment, picked every choice according to that ideal. It's hard not to be impressed by people that strong.

May peace descend upon them and their houses.

Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas (Do not go gentle into that good night)

* Lean Alejandro photo from
** Lean mp3 from

Thursday, June 21, 2007


If only for this post, I like this guy already.

I remember once, covering the Southeast Asian Games in Cebu, how Gretchen Malalad would glare at an opponent, her model-looks transforming into that of a hungry tiger eyeing a cornered prey, and punch her chest hard right where the Philippine flag was stitched on her uniform.

“Just to show my opponent what I’m doing this for,” Gretchen said when I spoke to her after the match, where she won for the country a gold medal in the karate competitions.

In that same event, Marna Pabillore also won the gold medal and then she took a Philippine flag attached to a pole thrice her height and run around the gymnasium, waving it.

Needless to say, a roar erupted in the coliseum. So loud, it shook the rafters.

Go read the rest of the post. Seriously. You could also click here to visit theboyfromsmallville's site.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The road to tomorrow

What is God's will in marriage? How can we love our in laws, despite the initial difficulties we have encountered? How should we handle the issue of money, especially since she's earning a ton more than I do? What's the godly way of raising kids? Is it better to keep the things that happened in the past buried or should we raise them like zombies? How do you keep the romance alive through the years? How do we break down the walls that we have built our entire lives and start living as one? Why is a man asked to love the woman, while the woman asked to submit to the man? What are the tips to having a mind-blowing sex life? And most importantly, on the moments when the thing we want most is to stab each other to pieces, where is the safest place to hide the knives?

These are just some of the questions Kuya Dong, our pastor, would guide us through in our sessions.

To read the rest of the article, click here or visit Leah's wedding preps blog (Counting the Days).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rise of the Chevy Autobots!

New game! New game!

My friend Monmon buzzed me through YM and very slyly prodded me to check out It's TRANSFORMERS: Rise Of The Chevy Autobots!

Level 1 pa lang ako. You guys sign up and let's challenge each other. My callsign is Mokus Maximus. Email add mpdavid @ [insert my company here -- yes, im not putting my actual email ad, you have to supply it] . com and challenge me :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's your excuse?

For the first time in a long time, I decided to obey the makati number coding scheme which does not provide for a window period for banned cars. I guess I woke up fearing the eagle eyes of the MAPSA. So I took a cab to the office, anticipating that I would be able to rest – perhaps even sleep – through the traffic. But it was not meant to be.

The cab driver was a chatty one. I used to not mind talkative drivers, especially when they give me a lecture on how to take care of the car...

To read the rest of the article, click here or visit stillearthbound.

FullCup End-of-Summer JAM!

We're starting the next phase of FullCup with the FullCup SUMMER JAM this May 18, 7:30 pm, at 690 Real St, Intramuros! We’ll have Converging Resonance, Banana Island, Alab, and Emanwel. Hope you can join us :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Writer ka ba?

GMA is looking for a Publicity Specialist that will handle its News & Public Affairs accounts. So if you have a solid background on writing, willing to travel in the regions (Cebu, Davao, Iloilo) from time to time, interested in championing Serbisyong Totoo -- email me your resume ASAP.

Pakasal na tayo!

She's buried with work, her online page is experiencing death-by-stagnation, she has a million other things clamoring for her attention, clients are hunting her for help...

So what is she doing?

She's sifting through brochures.

Drop by Leah's new blog from time to time and read her adventures in wedding preparation.

Di naman obvious anong nasa isip nya these days no? :)

Bibliophile Meme

Seestur Ailene tagged me.

1. One book that changed your life.
Mythology, by Edith Hamilton. This is the first book I read that wasn't assigned by the teacher. I never knew stories could be this beautiful.

2. One book you have read more than once.
Michael Crichton's Sphere. Not that it's my all-time favorite book, but Michael Crichton's novels have always tickled the sci-fi geek in me. Chaos Theory, Unique Event Hypothesis, Extra Terrestrial Anthromorphism... just don't mind the movie versions, use your own imagination, and the book will give you a hell of a ride.

3. One book you would want on a desert island.
The Holy Bible. You want stories? You want cries of indignation and despair? Songs of hope? Truths/Mysteries? A biography of one eternally interesting man?

4. One book that made you laugh.
Tick Tock by Dean Koontz. Screwball comedy. Wacky dialogue. Remember to never anger your Thai mother!

5. One book that made you cry.
Lorenzo Carcaterra's SLEEPERS. Childhood friendships should be like this.

6. One book you wish had been written.
Love, by Jesus of Nazareth. I'd really REALLY love to read what He scribbled on the sand.

7. One book you wish had never been written.
Hmm. wala na

man. don't read if you don't like, di ba?

8. One book you are currently reading.
Yann Martel's Life of Pi. A 450-pound Royal Bengal Tiger trapped in a lifeboat with a boy who is a Christian, a Hindu, and Muslim (yep, all at the same time). About 300 days in the Pacific. A botanical-island-oddity. Robinson Crusoe would love this boy.

9. One book you have been meaning to read.
Philip Yancey's Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference?. Philip Yancey's one of my favorite Christian authors and this is his latest book. John managed to snag a copy -- I'm just waiting for him to drop it and I'm going to snatch it from him right away :)

Tag five people for this meme.