Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sugar rush

It's only four months, six days, and two hours (I looked at the countdown timer on our wedding blog), before the big day, so let me share this with you: (If it matters, John, this is the same dessert buffet that your uber-crush Claudine had on her wedding)

Here's what's included in this dessert bar:
Vanilla Mousse
Chocolate Mousse
Mango Panacotta
Creme Brulee'
Fruit Salad
Coffee Jelly
Buco Pandan
Leche Flan
Fresh Fruits
Chocolate Fountain (with various dips)

Sugar overload tayo, sabay talon sa lake (I'm getting married on a dock!)



leah said...

Hahahahahahaha! Wala ako masabi. Promise. =p

john said...

We (leah, me and kaligay) had a glimpse of Claudine's wedding photos at that Rockwell thing we went to. (you were probably off staring at the chocolate cupcakes.)

She was... haaaay. Omygoodnessraymartyoulucky*#&#^#!!!

ris said...

oooh chocolate fountain! pwede mang-crash ng wedding at dun lang ako sa may dessert bar sa chocolate fountain? you'll find me filling containers of the stuff :)