Thursday, March 27, 2008

Marriage: A month in review

I love it. I know the preacher said things about being "one body" and all that, and I always thought it would be 'nice'... but actually being in it? Having this intimacy? It's mind-boggling.

Best parts for me are:

  • Trapped in a two-seat kayak while we paddled our way around the 24-hectare Arrefecci (?) island (Dos Palmas, as it's more commonly known). It was just her and me against the elements, with the sea calm and silent. Flying fish would occasionaly jump from our sides, and sea gulls fly overhead. It was just the two of us there, and with God all around. We didn't know if we could make it, but we were laughing because it was us. It was the perfect start of our life together.
  • Working together. It just comes naturally, without being forced into it. Like when Leah cooks and I take over washing the dishes. Or ironing clothes while the other cleans the house. She doesn't need to ask me, it just became natural.
  • Growing closer together. Maybe it's voluntarily waking up early so I could prepare breakfast in bed, or choosing the stale pandesal so she can have the remaining good bread, but being married has made me sweeter... in my own way. And I'm looking forward to growing even closer to her through the years.
  • Seeing Leah's attempts to master the kitchen. It's just so sweet seeing her efforts
Of course, there are also marriage demands that require me to adjust -- like the demands on my time and making allowances for leah's disgust on waking up early... but it's all worth it. As I've said on my vow, she's a gift undeserved, a blessing unearned, a treasure I will always cherish. Praise God for this marriage


{illyria} said...

that is so beautiful. congratulations to you both.

wandering storyteller said...

salamat, pare ko :)

amadeus said...

hey moks... i didn't know where to message you but can you take me off the still earthbound thing on wordpress? i'm just trying to cut down the accounts i have there. thanks man. - amadeus

myoldestache said...

i'm so happy to discover your blog and happier to read this post. i'm happy to read about people i know talking about firsthand experiences of how beautiful married life is. congratulations. maraming, marami pa kayong pagdadaanang magaganda; pangako 'yan. :)