Thursday, October 19, 2006

300 to a million

holy crap.

I'm too lazy to research now, but if memory serves right, the Battle of Thermopylae was where these 300 o
r so greeks fought a gazillion persians. Or maybe that's just a million -- but with odds like that, who's counting?

Frank Miller, known for his work in Sin City, tells us that these 300 greeks were spartans -- of course, other greeks were busy philosophizing if a tree that fell in the forest is good for anything than insect condo. Miller's graphic novel is once again translated into a movie.

WATCH THE TRAILER. I swear, when I saw it, I was like, "HOLY CRAP -- THIS IS ACTUALLY HOW MY DREAMS LOOK!" For some reason, they got it -- the lights, the texture, the eerie glow... it's like i'm watching my dreams while i'm awake.

(by the way, I don't have a soundcard in the office, so I don't know the sounds they used in this trailer. but deaf-watching it is amazing. promise.)


kurokuroko said...

wala kayong soundcard diyan?!? aaawww. hehe. ako naman sa bahay. ampanget.hehe. ganda nung trailer. gonna watch this for sure.

Anonymous said...

a post about the same movie:

KG said...

I have the graphic novel moks. wanna copy of it? Digital comic sha ha.

john said...




i declare death if i don't get to watch that on nothing less than a THX theater.