Monday, October 02, 2006

emotional surgery

saying goodbye is like getting a tonsillectomy. it's painful, it's hard, and you'll puke your own blood due to the wounds you suffered inside. the pain will remain with you even after a considerable time has passed since undergoing tonsillectomy or saying goodbye, and life would certainly taste different afterwards, but you'll do what you have to do, right?

sure, your reasons may be valid, maybe even to prevent further pain and injury to yourself, but getting that cure -- a tonsillectomy or saying goodbye -- could just be as harmful as the injury to begin with.

nobody dies from either activity, but no matter what angle you look at it, after all is said and done about these 'cures' -- the truth remains:

you're less of a person after going through with it.


kj said...

mas kadiri magpabunot ng ipin. less ang ipin, they rearrange themselves pa after some time. bleh. ;p

me said...

hey, for better or for worse.

merry Christmas.

have a blessed life. :)