Tuesday, September 26, 2006

fights and fables

DOA: Dead or Alive is eye candy all over. It's the chick version of the movie Mortal Kombat (which was uber cool in itself) -- a teenage boy droolfest, if there ever was one.

Don't bother about the plot -- the movie's not really about that. If you insist on reading about the film before watching it, there are numerous reviews out there. But don't let so simple a thing such as the plot stop you from the all the fun.

That is not to say, however, that DOA offers nothing significant. As one review said, DOA is a profound tale about finding genuine friendship in the midst of hardships and competition with no hint of lesbian undertones whatsoever.

But the real strength of DOA rests in the male fun factor. Barely clad hot chicks duking it out in unarmed combat -- it's hard finding something that could beat that. Don't even bother analyzing the story -- you just know they're here for some serious ass whoopin'.

These are my two favorite girls:

Glenn's fascination with Devon Aoki in the fast and the furious escaped me then, but i get it now. She may be typecast as the oriental martial artist, but she sure does ninja princess with style.

Natassia Malthe played Typhoid Mary in Elektra and she's admirable as the silent ninja assasin of this movie. Maybe it's the purple hair. Or maybe the senseless drive in the pursuit of killing Kasumi. Or maybe it's that kiss with Hayabusa (who probably hasn't brushed his teeth in a year). But whatever it is, she's HOT.

If you have some time to spare and you want to laugh out loud to clean, non-slapstick yet totally unintelligent fun, DOA: Dead or Alive (they really had to spell it out ;p) is for you.

========== oooo0000oooo ============

Finally finding out who the adversary was in Vertigo's Fables: Legends in Exile was a BIIIIIIIG letdown. It's just so... wooden for me.

[warning: spoilers ahead]

I mean... maybe it's because my initial take on the Adversary was this every lustful, every hungry, depraved entity bent on destroying every fable as we know it, but I was disappointed in finding out his real identity. And puppet governments?!? why in all creation would he want to do that? It's just too contrived for my taste.

But then again, maybe that's the whole point. Evil doesn't need a reason and our most bitter enemies are usually those that were closest to us. And maybe, as an immortal, the thought of happily ever after is torture in itself. Who'd want to live thousands of years as a mere pied pier, after all?

Fortunately, my excitement for the rest of the series hasn't waned. Ang hirap lang maghintay -- it will take months for every compilation to come out. Why can't every story come to me now? In the meantime, the upcoming 1001 Nights of Snowfall promises to be a treat.


KG said...

DEVON AOKI!!!! waaaaaahhhhhhhhh! aylabyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

jen said...

SUKI!!!!!!! (syempre, the fast & the furious name pa rin ang alam ko)

kj said...

she's (devon) half japanese and half english-german. panalo.

hey, dude ;p

- kj

Anonymous said...

does that mean she's like, a person-and -a-half?

dezphaire said...

i have two gay officemates who went in to see what all the testosterone going around was all about. they found the chicks cool - especially their outfits. nonetheless i can't say they were... umm... as excited.