Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rain of chaos

I spent the first forty minutes of my time at work yesterday drying my polo at the cr. Rain fell lightning fast yesterday just when i got off the MRT station. My dinky ass umbrella wasn't able to do anything.


In other news, I was finally able to finish this story spawned by John's fanfic on a game we love -- DotA. Read john's story first if you plan to follow the sundering of the last survivors of the guild of the [unseen].

Mortred!” screamed Rikimaku. “Snap out of it! We could still help!”

She looked at her ally and saw him blink nearer to the Dread Lord. It seems that the satyr would battle the demigod alone if need be. But he was not alone, there was an elf still fresh in the battle, and she would gladly die before she allowed Archimonde’s demonic hand to touch the World Tree.

To read the rest of the story, click here.


apester said...

bakit wala kang tagboard?

wandering storyteller said...

Hi april!

wala kasing native tagboard ang blogger eh. I haven't found a good one yet =)