Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I want happiness from the heart

Selecta spoiled me.

Having a get-whatever-you-want ice cream cabinet in the office indulged my cravings for the delightful concoction. While some people walk around to clear their heads while working, I'll be there -- writing that report/memo/speech/article/paper, rethinking the structure of the piece, and grabbing a cornetto cone as a brain catalyst.

And I'd need a brain catalyst every two paragraphs or so.

Maybe I won't be in a mood for a Cornetto. Maybe I'd rather have the melon Twin Popsicles... or a serving of Very Rocky Road, or have an itch to sink my teeth on the chunky cheese of Quezo Real, or maybe I'd go for a whole pint of Buco Salad... no matter... the ice cream cabinet was open for me, and ice cream is perfect to relieve stress.

And the feast didn't end at the office. I'll tell my beloved Tita Elvie (the 'matriarch' of the office) that i'd bring home some ice cream and she'd say "oo naman!" as if it were ridiculous of me to bother asking. I'd find myself finishing a whole Take 2 tub, or a mango sundae, or heck, even a whole half gallon (if I were really distracted) as I watched TV.

Not a bad deal at all, I tell you.

Now that I left the company, the cravings still come. I'll have lunch at the new office and my throat remembers that little piece of the clouds that used to slide down to my tummy regularly. My tastebuds become my master and once or twice a week, I'll let myself to a Double Dutch Ice Cream Stick and remember.

Like an old man enjoying a brief slice of heaven with a hooker, I muse...

I never used to pay for this stuff.


Paopao Wang said...

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Anonymous said...

dangit...i suddenly miss selecta. why did you have to leave? huh? huh? huh?



leah said...


jen said...

"Like an old man enjoying a brief slice of heaven with a hooker, I muse..." - hahahahaha. :D

i love selecta's lite ice cream in double dutch. ang sarap promise!

and yeah, we all miss the free ice cream. pwede pa rin namang libre ngayon basta you pay for it. hehehe.

wrigley said...

damn you, moks. you're making me struggle, man.

hehe. peace.

fencesitter said...

Now that's a perk! Bigla kong na-miss ang Pinipig Crunch. Meron pa kaya nun? Hmmm....

wandering storyteller said...

hi fencesitter,

meron pa po... di mawawala yun =)