Monday, November 20, 2006

beautiful ones

I’ve always wondered how it would feel to be the face in the billboard. To have a face or physique that could well earn a living. To be able to make the hearts of girls thrum with the merest sight of me, and to leave them giggling and flustered with a simple smile.

How does it feel, to have that power? How much more effective could i be if i had a face like Piolo Pascual’s, which, they say, can make knees tremble and hearts buckle? If I had the height and physique of Marc Nelson, how much easier could my life become?

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kevin said...

Great article!

lala said...

what a timing...just a few minutes ago i was asking my hubby how i can confidently stroll the beaches of Bali with my bulging - literally - legs, and tons of post-natal fat. not that they were not the case, pre-pregnancy. the thing is, i've always been insecure about physical beauty -- by that i mean lean, shapely legs, curvy waist and hips, cute toes :(