Tuesday, November 14, 2006

cabin fever

im restless and nauseous and my feet are raring to go. I can't keep my thoughts coherent and I keep forgetting stuff I'm supposed to remember. I can't keep focus -- it's like a withdrawal for some addiction.

I want to propel myself away.

I'll just walk and walk through Session Road and get lost on many of Baguio's streets. I need that -- I need to get lost. I need the time to wander around and give opportunity to the voices in my head to settle down and organize themselves. I need to pray. I need some decisions.

So if this trip my friends and i are planning won't pan out, I think i'd go on my own. stay in a hotel, get up early, watch the city wake up, walk all day, not talk to anyone, and get lost.

that would be good.


apester said...

naalala ko comment mo sa blog ko. so, check out this link hehe


Kitchie said...

I remember my Baguio days (sniff, sniff). I really miss all those times when I go there to think and "discharge" my lost soul. It's place where I want to be alone, all the time. . .

kj said...

bring an extra sweater, just in case =)

ailene said...

yep. a nice jacket and comfortable shoes.

here's a hug, too. pabaon.